Alberto Giacometti, a luminary of 20th-century art, is revered for his emotive sculptures that illuminate the human condition. His masterpieces, characterized by elongated forms and existential themes, continue to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide. In this blog post, we celebrate the artistic genius of Alberto Giacometti and present a curated collection of his finest sculptures available for purchase on our website.

  1. Walking Man - Link to Purchase

A testament to Giacometti's obsession with movement and introspection, "Walking Man" stands as an icon of existential sculpture. The elongated figure exudes an ethereal grace, inviting viewers to ponder the human journey through life's intricacies.

Walking Man by Alberto Giacometti
  1. Walking Man with Strawberry - Link to Purchase version 1Link to Purchase version 2

In "Walking Man with Strawberry," Giacometti magnificently captures the struggle for meaning amid life's ephemeral joys. The small strawberry held by the walking figure embodies fleeting pleasures amidst the vastness of existence.

Walking Man with Strawberry
Walking Man with Strawberry (special patina)
  1. Monumental Head - Link to Purchase

"Monumental Head" epitomizes Giacometti's ability to distill the essence of the human psyche into sculptural form. The haunting visage captures the enigmatic depths of the human mind, evoking an aura of introspection.

Monumental Head by Alberto Giacometti
  1. Homme qui chavire - Link to Purchase

"Homme qui chavire" (Man who capsizes) portrays a delicate balance between vulnerability and resilience. The precarious figure leans on the brink of falling, reflecting the human spirit's unwavering determination to endure life's challenges.

Homme qui chavire by Alberto Giacometti
  1. Bust of Diego - Link to Purchase, Link to Purchase version 2

"Bust of Diego" showcases Giacometti's deep emotional connection with his brother and muse, Diego. The intensely expressive bust captures the essence of sibling bonds, immortalizing the profound affection between the artist and his subject.

Bust of Diego by Alberto Giacometti

Bust of Diego by Alberto Giacometti
  1. Le Chariot - Link to Purchase, Link to Purchase version 2

"Le Chariot" (The Chariot) delves into the symbiotic relationship between man and beast. The enigmatic, elongated figure pulling a chariot reflects the eternal voyage of the human spirit, in harmony with the natural world.

Le Chariot by Alberto GiacomettiLe Chariot by Alberto Giacometti

  1. The Cat - Link to Purchase

"The Cat" exemplifies Giacometti's ability to evoke emotion through simplicity. The elongated feline form exudes grace and mystery, encapsulating the timeless allure of this enigmatic creature.

The Cat by Alberto Giacometti

  1. Leg - Link to Purchase

In "Leg," Giacometti captures the essence of human anatomy with astonishing realism. The elongated limb symbolizes both vulnerability and strength, highlighting the intricate beauty of the human form.

Leg by Alberto Giacometti

  1. Hand - Link to Purchase

"Hand" is a captivating representation of the human hand, reflecting Giacometti's fascination with the intricacies of the human body. The elongated form carries a profound sense of touch and connection.

Hand by Alberto Giacometti

  1. Man Pushing a Wheel - Link to Purchase

"Man Pushing a Wheel" exudes a sense of collective struggle and unity among human beings. The elongated figures, pushing a colossal wheel, symbolize the unending human endeavor to progress and overcome obstacles.

Men Pushing Wheel by Alberto Giacometti

  1. Three Walking Men - Link to Purchase

In "Three Walking Men," Giacometti presents a poignant exploration of human isolation amidst the company of others. The elongated figures walk side by side, yet each remains in their own world, reflecting the complexities of human relationships.

Three Walking Men by Alberto Giacometti

  1. Woman of Venice IV - Link to Purchase, Link to Purchase version 2

"Woman of Venice IV" exudes a sense of enigmatic femininity, capturing Giacometti's fascination with the female form. The elongated figure emanates timeless elegance, inviting contemplation on the essence of womanhood.

Woman of Venice IV by Alberto GiacomettiWoman of Venice IV with Special Patina by Alberto Giacometti

Alberto Giacometti's sculptures are a testament to the depth and complexity of human existence. From the ethereal grace of "Walking Man" to the haunting introspection of "Monumental Head," each piece captures the essence of the human spirit with unmatched precision. We are delighted to offer a selection of Giacometti's iconic sculptures on our website, allowing art enthusiasts and collectors to bring the profound beauty of his creations into their homes. Discover the world of Alberto Giacometti and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of his artistic legacy.

Max Carver