Total Dimensions: Height 13'' x Width 18''
Approximate Weight: 30 LBS
Original Reproduction: Original
Wolves…just the word sends chills into the heart of man… either of deep hatred or great reverence. Whether loved or hated, there is no denying this creature is a highly social animal; totally committed to and concerned for the welfare of their family. The wolf has been all but crowded out of the US. His world has become a considerably smaller place to raise a family. So it is with man, our world is rapidly shrinking as well; despite the fact there are many wide-open spaces not yet used or developed. Seems we all want the same places, the same privileges, the same opportunities. Even in our own neighborhoods, one finds jealousies and covetousness, sometimes to the point of death. What man has done to the wolf, he does to his own. I have not heard where a wolf family has killed one of their own. It is made of 100% bronze and cast through the "Lost Wax Method." The piece is signed M. Lopez.
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