Nude Abstract Woman Gift Bronze Sculpture Statue Modern Art Marble Figure LRGE

SKU: XN-1224

Condition: This sculpture is in perfect condition
Bronze Dimensions with Marble Base: Height 17.5" X Width 8"
Marble Dimensions 8" X 5"
Height without base:16.5"
Weight:12 LBS

Original or Reproduction: Original
In this captivating bronze sculpture, a nude aerialist takes a daring leap into the air, surrounded by a fabric banner that twines itself around her sculpted body. The vibrant brown patina of the fabric adds dynamic energy to the composition, capturing the essence of movement and celebrating the beauty of the female figure. The artwork not only showcases a meticulous attention to anatomical detail but also conveys a sense of the spirit within the body, yearning to bound into the vastness of everything and everywhere. The dynamic pose and flowing fabric create a harmonious dance between form and motion, making this sculpture a testament to the artist's ability to convey both physicality and spirit. Crafted using the archaic method of lost-wax casting, the sculpture exemplifies a commitment to traditional techniques that allow for the preservation of intricate details. The process captures the fluidity of the aerialist's movement, freezing a moment that encapsulates the grace and strength required for such an acrobatic feat. The brown patina finish applied to her skin tone enhances the realism of the sculpture, bringing warmth and depth to the depiction. Mounted on a black marble base, the artwork gains stability while creating a visually striking presentation that complements its overall aesthetic. The signature of the artist, Aldo Vitaleh, serves as a mark of authenticity and recognition of the skilled craftsmanship behind this extraordinary piece. The sculpture becomes a tangible expression of the artist's vision, celebrating the human form, movement, and the indomitable spirit that transcends physical boundaries. As a focal point in any art collection, this bronze sculpture invites contemplation and admiration for its ability to capture the dynamic essence of the aerialist's performance.