Total Dimensions: Height 25'' x Width 8''
Approximate Weight: 38 LBS
Original Reproduction: Reproduction
This Ancient Greek emperor sits up straight and proud as his portrait is chiseled out for him.  He wears his full royal armor and holds his sword displaying it proudly. His helmet covers right to his brows and all the way down his neck.  On top of his helmet there is a sculpture of a griffon one of the most feared beasts to man. The Griffin was a creature that had the wings of an Eagle and the legs of a Lion. The Griffon can be a great asset to humans if fighting on their side because they are very fierce. These huge creatures can easily carry a human being through the air. The Griffin was very sacred to Apollo and was the suns guardian. When the Griffin spread its wings it blocked out the sun.  The emperor sits with a shirt and a long robe skirt like bottom, as his cape drapes down his back. This bronze sculpture was casted using the “Lost was Method” and has a brown patina.  It is mounted on a marble base and is handmade.
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